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There are quite a few things on this blog that can confuse a newcomer, so I wanted to hash out some things:

1) What’s going on? I started The Zone on 20090102 (aka 1/2/2009). Every day I enter the date, my bodyweight when I wake up, and the quantity, time, type, and Zone Blocks of the food I eat into a spreadsheet. At the end of the day, I just hit Ctrl+Shift+4 (on my MacBook) which takes a picture of the spreadsheet. I then just upload that into my blog and add whatever WOD (Workout of the Day) I did. If I weigh and measure the meal, I enter it in black. If I’m eyeballing, I write in red.

2) What about the old posts? I seemed to have an impressive knack for not being able to add, so the old posts had a lot of errors that I had to correct, making it tough to decipher. The spreadsheet does the work for me and if I ever send my stuff to Robb Wolf or some other expert, they’ll be able to digest the data faster.

3) Why aren’t you doing the Zone as Rx’d?
Per Robb Wolf’s recommendation here and in 42 Ways to Skin the Zone, I drop my carb intake throughout the day, and try to only take in starchy carbohydrates post-WOD. I replace the carbs with 3x fat blocks.

I’m also eating fattier pieces of meat on occasion. When I do this, I go to, and get the fat and protein amount per oz. Any fat beyond the expected 1.5 g/oz of protein gets added to my fat blocks, including eggs which are more or less allowed in the Zone (depending on who you talk to). I also rarely count the oil I use to cook with (unless it’s excessive), so I want to be precise with my fat intake outside of that.


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