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Monday 100920

PCF Fast Runners Club Check Out 5km
(Henderson Hall PFT Course)

Compare to 100522: 22:07

Check Out: 21:17 = 1277 seconds
Check In: 22:07 = 1327 seconds
% improvement = Check In/Check Out = 3.9%

*I’m gave myself a minus 10 seconds on this (actual time crossing the finish line 21:27) as I ran past a horse drawn hearse (the course goes right by Arlington Cemetery).

I tried to divert around, then that didn’t work, so I stopped, and asked the guys from the Old Guard if I was going to be running through a funeral (the course goes right by the church where they hold the funeral services). They said no, they were just rehearsing, so then I picked up the pace and went.

All told this was probably closer to 30-45 seconds of working this out, but I was already a mile in and didn’t want to go back and start again.

So I figure about 10 seconds is a good handicap as I got a little rest, but I also wasted some time.

Would have gotten me a 280 on the PFT.

One more addendum: My limiting factor on this was indigestion and stomach muscle cramping. I feel like if I hadn’t drank coffee this morning and had taken some Propel or Endurolytes, I would have been faster.


Wendler Squat
5×312.5 (=365 T1RM…time to take it down next cycle)

Front Squat (just wanted to get some reps in)

Front Lever Volume Training
20 min
Approx 7 seconds of work per minute


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