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Thursday 100422 – Thursday 100520

Have been more or less sticking with Wendler 5-3-1 for the last month. I’ve only had to skip one press day because of travel, but have been keeping on it otherwise. Full data here.

I wanted to start putting in my daily WOD here as well so I could have it for better reference.

Tuesday 100518
PCF WOD 100518
Run 1 Mile
Row 2000m
Run 1 Mile
Time: 23:25
Splits: 7:00/8:04/8:21
Notes: First METCON since Sectionals, pretty happy with this. Did a good job of pacing everything, and while the last run was pretty slow, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Wednesday 100519
Scheduled Rest Day

Thursday 100520
Power Clean
5×200 (this was the 5+ round)
Notes: Did touch and go on the 5+. Cleans are always tough to determine how far to go on the + round.

Handstand Pushups: 11
Notes: !!!!! This is kind of big. Granted, I was on the mat, and kind of bounced my head off it, but that’s still A LOT more than I’ve ever done strict.

Didn’t get to Back Levers, had to coach.


I’ve got a PFT coming up on Saturday, which I’ll use for my baseline for the PCF Fast Runners Club.


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