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WOD Update

I’ve been doing some “Plandomization” lately, but also got sick after reintroducing dairy into my diet. So starting this very second, that’s back out. Wanted to post my WOD plan and my recent WODs:

Recent WOD and Nutrition

Introduced cheese and heavy cream into my diet on 20091231 after 30+ days of eating no dairy/legumes/grains based off Dr. Harris’ post on IF, dairy, and performance: PaNu and High Intensity Training.

Thursday 091231
6 total Assisted Muscle Ups
(LB) Box Squat
Row 40:20×5. Post distance.
Compare to CFE 091125.
Distance: 1011

Friday 100101
AMRAP 20 Minutes
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
Rounds: 16 + 2 Pullups
Compre to PR: 18 rounds
Notes: Guess I’ll take it, might have lost a round in there somewhere as this WOD fucked me up. Considering it’s the first 20 minute METCON I’ve done in about 4 months or so, guess it’s not too bad.

Saturday 100102
(UB) Press
Notes: Need to remember to keep the hands close in to the shoulders and wrists straight, feel a lot stronger there.
For Time:
All sets unbroken
Time: 12:45
Notes: Really bad time with this, 2nd round took me several minutes to finally get. Need to focus on going slower on this type of WOD. Speed work should come in separate WOD.
2 Rounds
A1. 10xGHRaise
A2. 10 3 xRing Inversions
Notes: The first two parts took 2.5 hours, didn’t have time for the abs.

Sunday 100103-Friday 100108
Sick, cold symptoms

Starting on 100105 wasn’t eating heavy cream or cheese b/c I was out of town.

Saturday 100109
PCF WOD 100109
30 Squat Clean to overhead, 155lbs
Time: 8:00
Notes: Thrustered the first 8 or 9. Kept the hands close to the shoulder and focused on pulling myself down in the clean and bouncing out, seems to have helped a lot. Still gassed on the last 10.

Sunday 100110
PCF WOD 100110
2 Rounds
50 Jumping pull-ups
40 KB Swings (1.5/1)
30 DB Push-press (55/30)
20 Burpees
10 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Time: 20:09 Rxd
Notes: Comparatively did very well on this WOD. But right elbow was throbbing for about two hours post WOD.

Monday 100111
Rest Day
Notes: Felt pretty beat up.

Tuesday 100112
3×6 Assisted Muscle Ups
(TB) Rack Jerk
Notes: Right elbow as not feeling good, so decided to call it quits. On the plus side, 225 didn’t feel that hard.
Tabata Sprints
Incline: 12
Speed: Started at 8.0, finished at 6.0.
Notes: Probably should have warmed up a bit more. This killed me, my heart rate seemed like it went through the roof pretty quickly, then my legs died. First time I’ve done this in a long time. Obviously need to keep it up.

Reintroduced cream and cheese on this day. Felt pretty crappy.

Wednesday 100113
Unschedule rest day.
Feel crappy, sniffly, joints are sore, back is sore. Going to reset to 100% Paleo, just threw out the heavy cream and cheese from the fridge.

The Starting Template and Where That’ll Probably Go

Here’s what I started off with:

Brian PCF WOD Plan

Cycle Description
Cycle Weeks Days Focus
1 1-2 091123-091208 5-5-5-3-3-3 Powerlifting
2 3-5 091209-091227 2 Movements, 3-3-3 Oly Lifting, Submaximal, Max Effort Powerlifting
3 6-8 091228-100117 10-24 Sets/1-3 reps; Oly Lift Focus; Max Effort Powerlifting Finishers
4 9-11 100118-100207 5×5 Mixed Power and Oly Lifting
5 12-14 100208-100228 2 Movements; 3-3-3 Oly Lifting and Max Effort Powerlifting
6 15-17 100301-100319 10-24 Sets/1-3 Reps; Oly Lift Focus; Max Effort Powerlifting Finishers
7 17+ 100320 5×5 Back Squat
8 18 100321-100326 Taper Week
8 18 100327-100328 Sectional Qualifier

This is all from Rut’s MEBB Template. However, after listening to some of Robb Wolf’s Paleolithic Solution, I think I’m going to stay at the set/rep scheme I’m doing now, which is multiple sets at one or two reps. This is because I don’t really need to gain any mass, I need to get stronger. Less reps at a higher wait should encourage strength gains w/o muscle mass gains.

The overarching principle is that I’m not going to get much better at pullups or double unders, but I’ve got a lot of progress that I can make in Handstand Pushups, Muscle Ups, Running, and Overhead Strength. Also, while I work on those weaknesses, I won’t decline too much at my strengths. I’m also not going to get much better at my weaknesses unless I really focus on them and get after them as hard as I can. I think it might be a good idea.


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