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WOD Update

The MEBB experiment continues. I’m tracking and planning all my WODs on a Google Doc now, then I’ll post when complete on the blog. To take a look at the Google Doc, click here. Here’s the last few WODs:

Thursday 091126
Rest Day

Friday 091127
Squat Clean
3 Rounds for time:
Row 500m
20 Parallette Pushups
Time: 8:37
Notes: Greg got 7:45, pushups were limfac.

Saturday 091128
Weighted Pullups
Rest 5:00min
For time:
50 Double Under
30 Clean and Jerk, 135
50 Double Under
Time: 5:40
Compare to the European Competition.

Sunday 091129
Back Squat
Rest 5:00min
AMRAP 10 Min
1 Muscle Up
10 Deadlift
Rounds: 6 + 3 MU Transitions*
Notes: So only got 3 actual Muscle-Ups in the WOD, then had to switch to MU transitions. Did however add 10 lbs to my back squat.

Monday 091130
Rest Day

Tuesday 091201
Power Snatch
Notes: Doing over 5 Snatch movements is retarded, which I found out the hard way in the 2nd set when I failed on the 5th rep then had no pop by rd 3. So just did what I could do and moved on. Elbows were hurting this morning and they were hurting again tonight so decided to lose the ring dips in the METCON.

3 rounds for time:
Run 1 Lap
10 DB Squat Snatch (right), 35 lbs (scaled to 5 reps after first round)
10 DB Squat Snatch (left), 35 lbs (scaled to 5 reps after first round)
10 Box Jump, 24 in
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 minutes.
Rd 1: 4:45
Rd 2: 4:06
Rd 3: 4:15
Notes: This was freaking HARD! DB Squat Snatch are no joke, getting that db in the right place and staying balanced on the squat (in running shoes) was nearly impossible. Add the box jumps at the end and your legs are fried!

Wednesday 091202
Notes: This was challenging, but I don’t feel like it was a 100% effort. Looking at my PR Sheet, I don’t do this nearly enough, which is no doubt part of the reason I suck at it.

For Time:
Double Unders
Situps (Armpits to Knees)
Time: 6:40
Compare to 090109: 9:14
Notes: Tried to do the DU really fast, and only missed once in the set of 30. Those felt pretty easy, I was actually resting during the DU and gearing up for the Situps, which were by and large pretty slow. I also had to break once in each set for 3-5 seconds. Still a 3 minute PR!

Thursday 091203
Notes: I did this in bare feet and cluster style, so not touch and go. Rested somewhere between 2-5 seconds between reps.
Rest 7:00min
3 Rounds for time:
5 Deadlift, 50 lbs 40 lbs dumbbells
5 Hang Squat Power Cleans
5 Push Press
10 Pullups
15 10-15-15 Box Jumps, 20 in
Time: 5:13
Notes: Probably a good idea to scale down as I did the first two rounds unbroken w/o putting the db down, but the third round was pretty challenging. Did the first two sets of pullups unbroken too, traditional kip. Last set broke like three times. I totally spaced on not doing hang squat cleans and then did 10 box jumps the first round.


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