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So here’s the first few WODs in my MEBB Experiment:

Wednesday 20091123
Push Press
135-155-175 (f on rep 5)-175-185 (f on rep 3) – 175
Rest 5 minutes
AMRAP Bastards
3:00 (34)
Rest 1:30
2:00 (22)
Rest 1:30
1:00 (15)

Tuesday 20091124
Box Step Up
95-115-115-135 (f2)-115-115
Rest 5:00 min
AMRAP 10 Min:
7 Hang Power Clean, 95 lbs
Rounds: 10 + 7 HPC + 3 KTE

Wednesday 20091125
Low Bar Back Squat
255-265-265-265-265-265 (this felt HEAVY, but according to my PR sheet, I haven’t done 5RM Squat since August)
Rest 5:00 min
Every Minute on the minute:
1 HSPU (below the deck, had hands on plates)
4 Ring Dips
6 Pushups
At least this was the plan…. here’s what ended up happening:

1 Negative-4-6
1 Negative-4-6
Rest 1 minutes
1 Negative-3-5
1 Negative-3-5
Rest 1 minute
1 Negative-2-4
1 Negative-2-4
1 Negative-2-4
1 Negative-2-4
1 Negative-2-4
1 Negative-2-4

So I know, you’re impressed. Two actual HSPU in a WOD.

I think this approach is sound though because I’m still getting some amount of intensity by compressing the work into short time segments (most rds took between 35-50 seconds) then giving myself rest and hitting it again, which also gives me enough volume to see progress in the specific movements.

Same approach as what we tried to do in Chelsea last week – instead of scaling the load, just scale the reps and keep the load as your bodyweight with little to no assistance. I think it’s a sound way to change the stimulus in order to see positive results.

Rest Day/Turkey Day tomorrow, I’m sure my mom is going to be dissapointed that I’m not going to eat any Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, but she’ll get over it.


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