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30 Day Goals

I already started Sunday, but doing 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

Q: “What Brian, you are going to do this over the holidays?”
A: Shit ya.

I love eating paleo, I love not weighing and measuring sometimes. This is going to be cake.

Also setting performance goals though. I’m going to go ahead and hit Coach Rut’s Max Effort Black Box for 30 days in order to improve my overall performance. With the low-carb approach of Paleo (I’m going to drastically limit fruit intake, it’s basically going to be meat, veggies, seeds and nuts, nothing else) I’m not going to have the gas for METCONs over 10 minutes, so I’m just not going to do them.

The hope is that this improves my strength fairly significantly while still keeping me in the game on METCONs when I decide to get back to “normal” programming or compete.

I do have some specific performance goals though:

1) Improve Single Set Max Handstand Pushups by 20%.

I’m going to test this today, but my current PR is 7, so a 25% increase would just be 9. If I get more than 7 today, I’ll adjust.

2) Get one strict Muscle-Up.

I can hit kipping some of the time, even for multiples, cut still can’t get a deadhang.

3) Test Fran at the end of the 30 days.

Hopefully I’ll be much stronger after 30 days and performing well at high power/short time demand WODs.

4) Improve my 5×400 interval time.

Just did this last week and did it a few months prior. Figure it’s a good baseline for me right now and will give me a good idea if I’m improving my runs, both in term of skill and modal capacity.


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