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Pre-hab and Warmup

As most of you know, I’m pretty much infatuated with trying new warmups. Part of this is that I hate warming up, so I never want to do it and always look for something new that will click with me.

When I started I was a devotee of the Crossfit Warmup, and I still recommend that for a lot of folks that are starting out in Crossfit (first 6-9 months), with decent flexibility and no major injuries. If you do have some issues like tight shoulders or hips, I would add some basic myofascial and stretching to your warmup.

I posted this on the Potomac Crossfit comments section yesterday, but wanted to post it here as well and hopefully get some comments on what some of you think. Here’s the consolidated Prehab and Warmup post from Catalyst Athletics Forum.

I’m slowly working my way through this and so far I’m impressed at the similarity between some of Joe Defranco’s methodology and Kelly Starrett.

A couple examples are Joe Defranco’s Agile 8 (you’ll have to go to his website to see the whole thing) and Simple 6, designed to prehab the lower and upper body:

Now we can take a look at a few Kelly Starrett posts and see some of the same things:

Thoracic Foam Steel Rolling (and you thought it was tough rolling out on our dirty foam rollers, try steel pylons!)
Your Poor Lats

And for a little bonus reading/blast from the past, check out KStar’s overarching guidance on warmups.

Just want to spark some interest in prehab and warmup and if you’ve got a warmup you are or aren’t a fan of, please post to comments.


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