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After my week off, did OPT Day 1 of his last cycle. Pretty rough, and I messed it up:

1. start with 40% of your OHS 1RM; on the minute for as many minutes perform 5 OHS and add 10 lbs per minute; how many minutes can you go?

rest 5 minutes

2. 30 man makers for time (35#/20# DB’s per hand)
man maker – db’s held at sides, drop into push up burpee, hold top of plank position and perform 1 arm rows per hand with elbows high, kick feet into db dead lift position, then hang squat clean thruster the db’s, bring db’s back to sides and repeat sequence

rest 5 minutes

3. 15 sec row intervals – 45 sec rest x 5 – what is the lowest average time per 500 m you can get on the screen in the 15 sec intervals?

post OHS minutes and weights, man maker time and low time for row to comments.

1. 85-145rxd, 155×2
2. 6:53* (I didn’t do the row movement, just burpee, to clean, to thruster…doh!)
3. 1:11/1:15/1:18/1:19/1:18 (see CFJ Todd Widman Vid for tips on how to do really fast sprints)

Interesting that OPT prescribes post-WOD meals and says to not count those post-WOD meals as part of your daily Zone Blocks (see #9 of I’ll definitely give that a try, because it’s more food…. 🙂 Here’s what he had down today:

post wod fuel male:
above 12% – 35g prot/20g carb
8-12% – 35g prot/35g carb
below 8% – 35g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel – female:
above 16% – 25g prot/20 g carb
12-14% – 25g prot/30 g carb
below 12% – 25g prot/40 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

So I did 7.5 oz Talapia and 4 oz Sweet Potato right after the WOD, then I’ll have a pretty normal dinner, and maybe even a snack before bed. It’s worth a shot if OPT says to do it.


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