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Tuesday 091006 WOD

Worked on my new warmup today, only did two rounds as we were running short on time. Did this WOD with Greg, Jon, and Mark, so some good pacers. Jon did 315, Greg 245, Mark started at 315 and scaled down. I did all the deadlifts unbroken so probably should have scaled up a little.

7 Rounds
5 Deadlift, 275
15 Box Jump, 20 in
Time: 6:14

This wasn’t that tough as the deadlifts weren’t that heavy and 20 in Box Jumps just aren’t that tough anymore. Should have gone higher on one or the other.

Probably not going to put on my diet much anymore. Still plenty of work to do on that front, but if you want to take a look at what I’m eating, you can just check my spreadsheet directly. Saves me a little time.

Playing with the Coconut and Protein Powder post-WOD shake. So far, all I am is seriously hungry about 30-45 minutes after I eat it.


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  1. thoughts on the hunger….1) it could be your body just adjusting from the sweet potato or squash you use to do? Also, I did the coconut milk post wod for a month straight and everytime was post wod at 0530, which I would then come home and cook a breakfast of 4 eggs and 4 bacon….Keep with it and we’ll see how the performance goes, i’ll be really interested in seeing how it effects your bf %

    Comment by Ryan P | October 6, 2009

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