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Wednesday 090930 Rest Day

Got the video of my snatch work from Monday up. I think I messed up the math though, I think I jumped from 80kg to 90kg, not 85kg. Unfortunately, w/o colored plates, I can’t really tell looking at the video.

Snatch Work from Brian Wilson on Vimeo.



September 30, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Couple notes: As the weight gets heavier, you start shooting your butt a bit, this puts the weight in your toes and is causing you to miss it out front. I do the same thing. The cue is to think heels heels heels especially during the first and second pull. If you slow your first pull, it should help to keep the weight in the heels.

    If you pause the video during your second pull right before you reach extension you’ll see that your up on your toes causing the bar to be away from the body and missing it out front.

    Comment by Ryan P | September 30, 2009

  2. Cool, good catch.

    I think I’m going to work some snatch balance and tall snatch in. I feel like my 1/2/3rd pull are all pretty good, but I don’t feel like I get under the bar quickly and I also let get skeered of throwing myself under that much weight.

    Thanks for the feedback duder.

    Comment by Brian PCF | October 1, 2009

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