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Wednesday 090923 WOD

Usually my rest day today, but since this is definitely the thing I fear most coming out of the Hopper, I decided to do it. A little disappointed in my time, but went out stupid fast (shooting for sub-20) and I was very close to quitting on the 3rd and 4th lap. There was little to no POSE going on after the first lap as my calves and legs were sore as hell from the last two days.

Whenever my calves get sore (which is often after a lot of running) I can’t really POSE so I end up trying to land flat footed, but still underneath my center of mass. Don’t know if this helps or hurts.

PCF WOD 090923
Run 5km
Post time to comments.
Time: 23:24
1km Splits: 4:09, 4:29, 4:51, 5:15, 4:38
Compare to 070725: 23:01

Diet was good again today, didn’t do full fat since I’ve got a Rest Day tomorrow and still trying to cut some weight. Going to try to be a little more strict this weekend than I was last weekend. Shouldn’t be that hard, but having some friends over on Friday night from DC, so will probably have a drink or two. But since Fight Gone Bad is Saturday, I’m going to be too tired to do anything but eat Zone the rest of the weekend.



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  1. Thanks for tips on working my grip. Going to make this a habit because I need to get better at stringing on pull ups together.

    And Brian, you and Jen better put on your party pants this weekend. I expect you to atleast make an appearance on Saturday night.

    Rule #76. No excuses. Play like a Champion!

    Comment by Sally | September 24, 2009

  2. Rule #84 Naps are good, especially when you are old and lame…

    Comment by Brian PCF | September 24, 2009

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