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Wednesday 090909 Rest Day

First recovery class today, went really well. We’re looking for measurable change in the athletes range of motion and mobility, which will theoretically lead to greater performance. What I asked the athletes to do is note their current range of motion, finding an R1 (initial resistance in the muscle group) and R2 (final point before the muscle begins to noticeably stretch). Then they are to hit their stretching plan 3 times per day for one month and log which days they do it and don’t. Come back in one month for another free class, and lets see how they improved.

We should have enough data at that point to look at not only mobility and range, but also performance. If you were having shoulder problems, and all the sudden you PR’d the Press by 15 lbs and did 18 more pushups in Tabata Something Else, then we might be onto something.

Key to remember is that Flexibility is one of the 10 Elements Of Fitness, and you are only as fit as you are capable in all 10 Elements. So if you’re flexibility sucks, then by the transitive property, you suck 🙂

For more on this topic and where the guy that provided most of my training in this realm comes from, check out Kelly Starrett’s videos on the Crossfit Journal and his San Francisco Crossfit blog.

I’m doing recovery classes Wed at 5:30 pm and Thu at 6 pm, classes are 30 minutes and free for members (no non-members please!). To sign up for my next recovery class, click here.


Diet a little better than most rest days when I’m hungry all day, could be the heavy dose of broccoli.


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