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Long Break

So this is my first WOD since June 11. Went to Phillie last weekend to visit my brother, then moved on the 15th and have been getting settled since. Also got sick this past week, so just getting over that.

Monday 090622
“Freddy’s Revenge” (modified)
3 Rounds
5 Push Jerk, 155 lbs
10 Burpees
Time: 5:02

Compare to 090322 (5 rounds from rack): 9:39
Compare to 090110 (5 rounds from the floor): 7:34

Notes: Was planning on doing 5 rounds, but I definitely don’t have a lot of wind or strength right now and after the first round decided to cut it short.


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  1. […] this is actually 185 lbs, but at PCF we have Rxd 155 lbs on past versions of this WOD. Compare to 090622: 5:02 (3 Rounds) Compare to 090322: 10:09 Compare to 090110: […]

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