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A Couple of WODs

Haven’t had time to post every day, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Thursday 090514
AMRAP 20 Min
30 Box Jump, 24 in
20 Push Press, 115 lbs
30 Pullups (I did CTB)
Score: 2 + 2/3 + 11 pullups

Notes: Did this with Bill and Curtis, grip was the big factor on this but did Butterfly CTB for the first rd and the first 19 of the 2nd rd, so making progress there. If I had worn the tape gloves, think I would have gone much faster.

21 Overhead Squat (OHS), 115 lbs
Row 500m
15 OHS, 115 lbs
Row 500m
9 OHS, 115 lbs
Row 500m
Time: 11:02

Notes: Did this one with Emma, very tough WOD.

“Newport Crippler”
30 Back Squat, 225 lbs
Run 1 mile
Time: 12:03

Notes: Did this with Ryan P. and Jon M. Jon did it in 8:40ish and Ryan at 10:27. Wasn’t even the run that was the tough part, it was the squats. My knees really started to bow in after the first set of 6 and the bar was sliding down my back just making it tough to get any kind of rhythm. Was mainly doing sets of 3 after the first set of 6, so took a loooong time.


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