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20090421 WOD/Meals

Back still bothering me, but needed to do a WOD to get moving and loosen it up. Wanted something fast, but not too heavy, so just did a modified “Helen”


“Jumping Helen”
3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs
12 Chest To Bar (CTB) Pullups
Time: 9:55

Notes: Didn’t fly through this by any means and the biggest disturbing issue is that I couldn’t get one butterfly kip chest to bar pullup. I tried it in the first round, but had 2 misses and just went with traditional kip after that. Luckily, there’s no pullups on Day 1 of the Qualifier, so I won’t have to jump off that bridge when I come to it.

Double Unders went ok, but I really need to remember to not tense up my upper body. Need to keep things a little looser so my forearms don’t tire out.


Trying to do a little more starchy veggies to start the “carb loading” – gotcha! That’s a stupid term – “carb loading”. I’m just trying to ensure that there is a maximum amount of glycogen in my muscles. What this means is I’ll do starchy carbs after my WODs the next few days (as per usual) and then maybe a small amount of a moderately high gylcemic index carb (cooked up a bunch of spaghetti squash tonight – 4 oz per carb block) along with fibrous veggies. I’m also not going to starve myself, so a little extra fat now and then will also be a theme.



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