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Eat Your Fat!!!

Some of our newer and some of our more experienced athletes aren’t eating enough fat. We’re going to look at the why, how you can see if you are one of them, and what you can do about it.

Case 1: The Newbie.

The plot is thus: A new athlete comes in, gets the Zone/Paleo lecture, decides to try it, but then says to him/herself “If I can lose a bunch of weight eating exactly how they’re telling me, if I do it without as much fat, I’ll lose even more weight.”

This is, most assuredly…WRONG!!

What’s going to happen is a couple things:

1) You’re body will still process sugar as it’s only fuel source, hence you will crave carbohydrates.
2) You’re body won’t be getting the calories it needs to fuel itself while doing Crossfit, and will hence slow your metabolism and try to store as much energy (in the form of body fat) that it can. So your performance and mood will dip, and you’ll gain weight.
3) You will crash and burn one way or the other. You’ll either just suck at the workouts or you’ll cave and cave big time to the tune of a Frosted Flakes sandwich with maple syrup on white bread.

So eat the prescribed amount of fat!!!

Case 2: The Veteran.

The Veteran has been Zoning for a while, usually several weeks to several months. He/she saw some tremendous weight loss up front as well as significant performance gains. At some point, they noticed their performance start to stagnate if not outright dip, but they were not satisfied with their desired level of leanness, so they kept plugging away at the prescribed level of fat.

What needs to happen ASAP (if not sooner) is UP THE FAT BIG TIME!!! I’m talking 3-5x your prescribed fat blocks. And that’s including those on an already bumped up fat intake. So 100-150 blocks of fat in a day is not a preposterous notion. Start eating whole avacados, drink olive oil, whatever you have to do to get your fat!!!

If you don’t do this and think to yourself “Well, I’m sure as hell stagnating, but I want to lean out some more” then beware (and I speak from experience here) you will miss that window and experience the newbie like crash I described above.

So up the fat ASAP (this message especially goes out to Chad P., Mike F., Justin C., Aaron K., Barrie C., Paul B., Rich S. and anybody else who you guys know that has this going on – take it to 3-5x fat right now).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Frosted Flakes sandwich with my name on it.

If you’ve had experiences with either messing it up as described above, or living la vida loca on 3-5x fat, post your experience to comments.


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  1. […] Eat Your Fat People!!! […]

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  2. 1. PCF misses you. Please disregard your responsibilities and come back to yelling at us and playing chick rock during workouts.

    2. The article makes me feel significantly better about stress eating bags of almonds at a time.

    Comment by Alli | April 17, 2009

  3. Brian – good post! If you haven’t seen it, here is another post on the same subject from Byers’ website a few days ago.

    Comment by Aspasia Papadopoulos | April 18, 2009

  4. Alli – I was there this morning and will be there tomorrow morning. Expect a delightful combination of “Get the fucking barbell over your head!!” and Avril Lavigne’s early B-sides.

    Aspasia – good link, definitely good advice for a lot of the ladies out there.

    Comment by Brian PCF | April 18, 2009

  5. Thanks for the pep talk.

    Does fish oil count toward fat blocks? Probably not because one dose is only a gram of fat :/

    i recently ordered two paleo diet books because i am a little confused on what is paleo sometimes (yogurt? peanuts? black beans??).

    Hope to see you at PCF again soon.


    Comment by Lindsey | April 19, 2009

  6. No, fish oil doesn’t count, so EAT MORE!!

    If you’re down to deciding between yogurt or not yogurt, peanuts or not peanuts, etc, then you’re pretty damn close to perfect paleo.

    And no, yogurt, peanuts and black beans are not palen, but I eat peanuts and black beans every once in a while, it won’t kill you.

    Comment by Brian PCF | April 19, 2009

  7. If The Veteran misses that window and crashes like The Newbie, what do we do? Reset? Back to original prescription w/ 1x fat for awhile? Or just drive on w/ 3-5x fat and ignore the fat building up around the mid-section?

    Comment by Chad | April 20, 2009

  8. I wouldn’t necessarily go down to 1x fat, maybe do one week at 2x fat and see how performance/bf% are affected. If you’re not seeing improvement, maybe take it down to 1.5x for a week.

    Let us know if you’re going to do that and how it works out.

    Comment by Brian PCF | April 20, 2009

  9. ok, i am go with out black bean and peanuts, but I can not go without plain greek yogurt once in a while.
    Also, are the calipers at the box to measure body fat %?

    Comment by Lindsey | April 21, 2009

  10. No calipers, they are overrated.

    Comment by Brian PCF | April 22, 2009

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