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Weekend Train Wreck

For whatever reason I was starving all weekend. Starting on Friday, I just could not seem to get satisfied. No matter how much I ate, I was hungry again in not time at all.

Jenn had some friends in town, so we had to eat out a lot and that frequently started with me saying “Well, I’ll eat whatever, but make sure it’s Paleo”. This led to “Man, that cheesecake was good, and yes honey, I’ll take some of your dessert and two more beers too.”

Fuck it, it’s over. I hope this is just a mental lapse, but it felt more “biological” if that makes any sense. I was pretty much spot on Monday-Thursday, but come Friday I was starving and that lasted all weekend. Anyway, here’s the actual data:



April 13, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. That feeling of “fuck it I’m starving” strikes often on Friday starting about 2:30 pm and lasts usually until 10 pm on Sunday – oddly coinciding with the end of the work week.

    I think it is from being strict all week and then going into the weekend which should be fun and relaxing. Stressing over block intake on a Saturday afternoon is pretty lame and I’m sure the mind is revolting against it. This has happened the last few weekends to me and I’m not sure the best way to fight it, but on Saturday I had to force myself to not stop at Taco Bell on my way home.

    A thought would be to put a cheat meal in the middle of the weak as a mini reward and then going strict ex beer on Friday or Saturday.

    Comment by Dave | April 14, 2009

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