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090326 WOD/Diet


5 Rounds
2 Snatch, 135
30 Double Unders
Time: 5:53

Notes: I’ve got video of this but it’ll be a few days before I can get it up. Judging by the cuts on my thighs, the last part of my pull is pretty shitty. It means I’m not scooping and driving at the top and that I’m keeping the torso bent over too much too late. I really tried to focus on getting my hips down in the setup, but something was happening on the way up that was causing issues, but I’ll have to get the video downloaded and slowed down to figure out what.

Part of it is probably just being a little fried from yesterday and not having done snatch in a while.



We’ll see how the next few days trying this carb spread affects my weight and performance. It’s definitely easy and it’s a nice break from eating so much fibrous veggies. I’ve still got a bunch of acorn squash cooked up and am definitely looking forward to eating 4-6 blocks of that post-WOD tomorrow!

I’ll probably take tomorrow night as a cheat night because of the PCF Happy Hour. Some beers, bar food, and of course ice cream…so good.


March 26, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I like that WOD a lot. Something heavy but somewhat workable… but following a brisk monostructural activity would definitely add some heat to the snatches. I think it’s WODs like those that give both bodyweight athletes and weightlifters a run for their money.

    Comment by Rich V. | March 26, 2009

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