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Row 500m
2 Rounds
Burgener Warmup, 45 lbs
10 Push Jerk, 45 lbs
10 Deadhang Pullups
Dynamic Stretching

Warmup Sets
Back Squat

Back Squat

Compare to 081209: 1×335
Compare to 081112: 5×285

Notes: Felt kind of crappy during the warmup, just not a lot of energy. Felt pretty good on the squats, especially since I haven’t done them in a very very long time. Also don’t know what my 2RM is, so hence the “PR”.



Little over on fat, but trying to not be super hungry so going as fibrous as I can on the carbs then adding some fat as needed to keep my hunger in check.


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  1. Brian, listening to you guys talk today about your difficulty leaning out; I was wondering how active you are outside of crossfit? The crossfit mantra is high intensity, shorter workouts where traditional cardio workouts are bad. The problem is that a lot of us spend so much time sitting on our butts at work. So crossfit imitates the intense short burst hunting activities of our ancestors (warning, I read Mark’s Daily Apple way too much!) but we don’t typically imitate the walking around, hunting/gathering/being nomadic activity that our ancestors did.

    The last week or so, I’ve been trying to consciously walk more during the day. The cold weather blows, but once it’s finally warm, I’m going to start biking to work and back (about 4 miles a day).

    Anyway, it was something I was thinking about a lot lately for myself so I thought I’d mention it. Of course, maybe you run around all day, in which case maybe you should stop!

    Comment by Frizz | March 24, 2009

  2. Trust me, I ain’t sneaking in jogging anywhere!!

    It’s an interesting proposition, but I think the issue is that you’re intimating that I would achieve a better hormonal state and a negative caloric balance by burning more calories. I think the issue with that is that any type of “sustained” exercise really just encourages hunger.

    If you’ve got an hour and a half to kill, check out Gary Taubes discussing this:

    Comment by Brian PCF | March 24, 2009

  3. To build on Frizz’s comment, isn’t CrossFit also intended to support the training for other athletic pursuits? I first looked into CrossFit as a means to train better for sport versus just being in shape. Logically if I can do Fran/Helen/etc then I’ll be better at tennis, golf, soccer, etc becuase my body is overall stronger, faster, and more limber.

    Of course, if you WOD and then play a sport, you get into the hunger conundrum Brian referenced.

    Comment by Dave | March 25, 2009

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