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I Hate Running…Still


5x400m Run @ 2 min

Notes: Just set the timer on 2 minutes, went 90-95% each run, and went again at the end of 2 minutes. So the first run was about 1:20, last was about 1:45.


6 rounds each leg, PNF Hip Stretch

Notes: From Your Tight Hips Betray You by K-Star. My hips felt tight from yesterday, so the 400’s didn’t help much.


Not bad, but not weighing and measuring, just eyeballing. Dinner out tonight with Jenn as a special occasion, so probably going off the Zone for that…

As always, you can go here to see the spreadsheet.


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  1. […] 091116 Five rounds run 400m every two minutes. 1:33, 1:35, 1:34, 1:37, 1:38 Compare to 090318. Notes: Tried to stay consistent, POSE has been feeling pretty good lately. I just keep focusing on […]

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