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Back From the Dead

Rough week, finally able to do a little, but didn’t want to kill myself first day out.


5 Rounds
10 Sumo Deadlift Highpull, 95 lbs
10 Ring Dips
Time: 6:01

Notes: Used the technique I saw over at the Games site from Mike G of CF Atlanta – kicking the feet down and out on the ring dip. For whatever reason, it works. You go straight up quicker with less swing. See the video here. Here’s Freddy C. and OPT doing the same WOD.

I figure first day back from a long break, still not 100%, and doing within a couple minutes of these fine gents is a good day.


6 x 10 seconds, L-Sit
6 Rounds each leg, PNF Hamstring – Straight Leg


Eyeballing the Zone today and not logging. Had to eat out every meal, but doing pretty good. Did a little extra carbs after the WOD and no additional fat. Also went a little over on protein post-WOD, but just had some extra delicious korean bbq short ribs from Whole Foods. Breakfast and lunch were 4P/1C/13F.  After class was a 2P/1C WOD with no additional fat, but the pork I had was a little bit fatty and the veggies had some oil on them.


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