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Sick Day – Body Fat Test

Did a Body Fat Test today, who knows how accurate, just used a tape measure:

Age: 30
Weight: 207 lbs
Waist: 37″
Hips: 40″
Forearm: 12″
Wrist: 7″

BF%: 14%
LBM: 178 lbs
BF: 29 lbs

So I pinged Robb Wolf on his site and got the recommendation to try some ZMA. I bought some from Bulk Nutrition that was recommended on the CF Msg Board.

The idea seems to be to elicit a greater Human Growth Hormone response while I’m sleeping. This would hopefully lead to higher overall testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels. Since the only place I have fat on my body is my midsection, cortisol is almost certainly a big factor in why I’m not leaning out more.

I also might try cycling down my blocks overall on Rest Days or trying Intermittent Fasting. Want to try the lower blocks first. Doing some simple math, if my lean body mass (LBM) of 178 lbs remains unchanged, then 10% BF would be at 197 lbs, and 5% BF would be at 187 lbs. That’s a lot of weight, and don’t know if I can pull that off considering I feel like I’m pretty solid on my diet and can’t seem to get below 205 lbs.

Got to remember that “n=1” and I’ve got nothing to lose by playing with this a little.


A little high on carbs today, but was aside from breakfast exclusively fibrous veggies, so not too worried.


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  1. pretty interesting stuff. Per your post on Robb’s blog, it seems like you’ve got all your bases covered. I can’t imagine you taking in less blocks, but maybe if you continue to get all ur carbs from veggies you will at least still feel full.

    What about your workouts, have you thought about going on a met-con cycle? Maybe something like no metcon’s less than 15 minutes? Or perhaps at least doubling it up on the heavy strength days?

    Just some thoughts, good luck, can’t wait to be back at PCF, word on the street is that there are a ton of new faces.. any new firebreathers I need to worry about?

    Comment by Ryan P | March 12, 2009

  2. T40nEd comment6 ,

    Comment by Bjbxdcft | May 7, 2009

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