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Another 48 Hours

As with many of my resolutions, the “No Drinking” commandment went out the window 48 hours after it’s inception.

I blame Chad and Alison who sent me pictures of ice cream and cookies yesterday, which led me on my path of sin. If we want to play “Glass Half Full”, I at least didn’t eat any ice cream after I drank.

PCF WOD 090306
3 Rounds:
Run 800m
50 Hip Extensions (subbed Good Mornings, 45 lbs)
50 Sit Ups
Post time to comments.
Time: 19:32

Compare to 071202: 24:10

Notes: Kind of hard to believe I haven’t done this WOD in over a year. Not sure how my time today would have translated with GHDs. The Good Mornings were definitely taxing, I just don’t think I got down all the way on every rep. The runs definitely felt faster.



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  1. Not resorting to binge ice cream eating (or straight chocolate chips) after drinking is the hardest damn thing in the world. Good on ya!

    Comment by Rich V. | March 8, 2009

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