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So having trouble sticking with the Zone for two days running. Need to take some steps so I can ensure that this doesn’t slide into oblivion. First is going to be chugging some green drinks. For whatever reason, I find when I drink 1 or 2 of these per day, I’m a lot less hungry and have less cravings.

Now keeping in mind the “Black Box” theory of Crossfit, I shouldn’t necessarily care why this is the case, simply accept that this brings me closer to elite human performance and move on, but my thought process for why they work is: Cravings come from your body’s natural desire for certain vitamins and minerals – these green drinks pack a wallop of pretty much every major vitamin and mineral there is.

I reread some old posts from Modern Forager (now part of, which isn’t nearly as good) and Dr. Eades about cravings. One quote I ran across in the former really hit home:

“It’s funny, I no longer find myself having cravings for sweet and salty snacks for the most part (unless I have a couple drinks too many, then it’s anybody’s game)”

This is me to a “T”! Every time I’ve had booze in the last two months, I’ve had ice cream – and there is no stopping me. So inkeeping with “Keep the main thing the main thing”, I’m cutting out booze between now and the Regional Qualifier. That’s my catalyst, and I don’t even drink that much, but it does me in every time.

Here’s the posts that I reread, they have some great info:

What Food Cravings Mean and How To Control Them – Health Spotlight
What Your Food Cravings Mean
The Low Carb Battles In Your Brain – Dr. Eades
Why Is Low Carb Harder The Second Time Around, Part II – Dr. Eades


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  1. Hey Brian, just wondering what you don’t like about the new site that you were finding at my old site? We’re trying to make sure quality stays high while merging two sites, so we’re looking for feedback. Email me and let me know.


    Comment by Scott Kustes - Life Spotlight | March 5, 2009

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