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Finally got the podcast from the radio interview I did a few weeks ago, you can download it here. I’m not on until 12 minutes in and it’s nothing super sexy, just my two cents on the fitness industry and how we’re different.

Brian’s Full View Radio Interview

So decided that I wasn’t going to take a day off today and decided to do Linda. I’ve never done this before Rx’d, so the goal was just to finish. Both the deadlift weight and the bench press were extremely daunting going in, but got it done (really really slowly).

Body Weight: 208.5

20090228 WOD
Deadlift 1.5xBW
Bench Press 1xBW
Clean 0.75xBW
Time: 1:13:57

Brian PCF v. Linda from Brian Wilson on Vimeo.

Almost embarrassed to even put that up it’s so slow, but really it was a huge confidence boost. The fact that I know now that I can do 55 Deadlifts at 315, 55 Bench Press at 210 and 55 Cleans at 160 in around an hour, is kind of nice to know – it’s one less piece of the “unknown and unknowable” measure of fitness.

However, I’m really really slow. Check out the below for some examples of how to do this a little quicker.

Matt Mursky: 29:37
Nicole Carroll: 28:26
Gillian Mounsey: 14:59
Gillian Mounsey: 11:57

1 – 9:23
2 – 13:37
3 – 13:40
4 – 10:58
5 – 8:17
6 – 7:21
7 – 5:32
8 – 2:33
9 – 1:43
10 – 46


Diet not great today, but not bad. Tried to stay Paleo and be as Zoneish as I could w/o being super-lame.


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  1. Man, after seeing that, I’m dying to do Linda again. I was pretty near rx’d last time. Need to do it right next time!

    Comment by Rich V. | March 2, 2009

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