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20090226 WOD/Meals

3x800m Run
3:00; 3:14; 3:12

Compare to 080908: 3:15

Ran this with Tom and Andy at work today. Tom is a former high school cross country runner and SEAL. He usually destroys me on run WODs, but for whatever reason I beat him handily today. He did some heavy thruster and sprints yesterday, so definitely is part of that, but I’m also getting faster.

Tried to POSE and was feeling ok with the technique. Kick felt good and I was keeping the foot loose as well. But my calves got progressively worse and worse after each run. They didn’t feel too bad during the runs, but after they were pretty bad. Once I got back to my desk and was cooling off, I tried to get up and couldn’t flex them at all. Tried some PNF stretching per K-Star, but even now several hours later they are hurting. I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning, they’re going to be bad.


Dinner at Dino with Jenn, but I’m not going to count it as a cheat meal. Kept things pretty under control. Not perfect Paleo, but not bad Zone-wise.

For an impromptu restaurant review: I liked it, Jenn didn’t.


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