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20090222 WOD/Meals

090222 PCF WOD
As many repetitions as possible in 3 minutes per station.
Wall Ball, 20/12 lbs
Slam Ball, 20/15 lbs
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Post reps to comments.
Total: 283

Notes: Fairly happy with this, Dan, Aaron and Jon all in the low 300s.

For meals today, I needed to get some chow down. I’ve been feeling super hungry lately and binging/cheating accordingly. So henceforth this style of eating will be called a “Paleo Reset Day.” Just gorge myself silly, but everything paleo:


Just for fun, plugged it into and got:



Had a few beers, so not 100% Paleo, but pretty close. Feeling pretty good too.


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  1. When you use FitDay you realize the carbs from those almonds can add up quickly. I swear I get half my carbs from almonds and almond butter and cheese.

    Comment by Aaron - PCF | February 24, 2009

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