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20090217 WOD/Meals

Took this one from CF Omaha
Power Clean 75% x 3 x 4
Overhead squat 9 x 3
Weakness (was originally going to do handstand pishups, but class started and there was no room so did L-sits)

Power Clean
3 x 75
3 x 115
3 x 135

4 x 3 x 155

Notes: I don’t even know what my power clean 1 RM is, so based this off an assumed 1 RM of 195.

Overhead Squats
3 x 135 (failed on 4)
9 x 135
9 x 135
2 x 135 (failed on 3)

Notes: wrists were really the limiting factor here.

The embedding isn’t working, but here’s my vid from the WOD:

20090217 Power Clean and Overhead Squat from Brian Wilson on Vimeo.

6 x 10 seconds

Quote of the Day:

The essential problem of all varieties of universalistic, collectivistic, and holistic social philosophy is: By what mark do I recognize the true law, the authentic apostle of God’s word, and the legitimate authority…as logical argumentation cannot decide between various dissenting creeds, there is no means left for the settlement of such disputes other than armed conflict. The nonrationalist, nonutilitarian, and nonliberal social doctrines must beget wars and civil wars until one of the adversaries is annihilated or subdued. The history of the world’s great religions is a record of battles and wars, as is the history of the present day counterfeit religions, socialism, statolatry, and nationalism.

-Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, VIII.2


Let’s not discuss in detail what the cheat meal at Ray’s consisted of, but in brief I can assure you there was wine, steak, garlic mashed potatoes, blue cheese, and KEY LIME PIE!!!  Beware my bodyweight tomorrow!


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  1. mmmmm, ray’s. but have you checked out the goodness that is ray’s hell burger? please say you have. it is ridiculous.

    Comment by Alison | February 19, 2009

  2. We wanted to try the new Ray’s location, but Hellburger is tops on the list next time I go out to eat.

    Resisting the french fries will not be easy…

    Comment by Brian PCF | February 19, 2009

  3. eh, fries are fries, but that could just be me. the beef and the toppings are truly memorable.

    in the burger vein, i checked out good stuff eatery over the weekend. also REALLY good. you been?

    Comment by Alison | February 23, 2009

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