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Trying to keep better track of what I’m reading/what I’ve read, so put a basic html widget in the sidebar. Will try to update it and review the books that are any good.

I’m half way through the Paleo Diet, and I’m bored to tears. I’ve picked up most of this stuff form The Performance Menu Journal,, and Cordain’s published papers. It seems that Cordain (or his editors) tried to dumb this book down as much as possible and make it as “Diet Book”-like as they could, which makes most of it a waste of time. I’m hoping Paleo Diet for Athletes will be more informative.

The commen sense test doesn’t hold up with Paleo Diet either. A great review from Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation goes over some of the same hangups I have. When the Paleo Diet is done exactly as Cordain prescribes, the hunter-gatherer throws out a significant amount of food when he makes a kill – and to my mind, throws out the best tasting parts: Chuck Roast – gone, T-bone – gone, Porterhouse – gone. He’s after that succulant Top Round or Liver – yummmm…..

Same with chicken: Legs and Thighs with the skin on? Forget about it, I’ll take the breast please, and lose the skin.

This is part of the reason why I eat fatty meats and just count the fat blocks. First, fatty meats taste freaking great! Second, lean meats taste crappy. Who can argue with that thorough grounding in the Scientific Method?!?!

This is also why we describe Paleo at Potomac Crossfit as simply: Meat and Vegetables, Seeds and Nuts, some Fruit, little Starch, no SUGAR!!  We don’t specify what kind of meat.  If people take on The Zone Diet, then we tell them to do the math on fatty pieces of meat (each additional 1.5 g of fat = 1 fat block).

Lard, or as it's known in some circles "OHMYFUCKINGGODTHAT'SGOOD"

I also stay as far away from Canola Oil and the like as much as I can. High amounts of ALA consitently show correlation with symptoms of depression in humans (ref 1, ref 2). Whereas I’m happy just thinking about putting a big tablespoon of lard in a pan 🙂

See Modern Forager’s Top 10 Cooking Oils.

Post retort or accusations of pedantic pretentiousness to comments.


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  1. you’re pedantically pretentious!

    Comment by Alison | February 11, 2009

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