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Found Ricky Frausto’s blog from Ryan Powell. Some really impressive numbers from Ricky, who came in 6th at the Crossfit games at 150 lbs.

Just a Rest Day for me today, but I want to get after “Barbara” sometime soon. Kelly Startlett’s Midline Stabilization videos really helped me. I thought I had a pretty solid air squat: I could get real deep and keep my torso almost vertical. But looking at Kelly explaining how the hinging of the back affects the spinal erectors which in turn affects the hamstrings and thus decreases total power output has definitely turned my view around. The second I focused on keeping the lumbar tight instead of over exaggerating sending my hips back, I felt like a spring on air squats. I could just fly up and down with a lot less effort. So if you haven’t seen the video or don’t subscribe to the Crossfit Journal, do it!

I also want to see how the Tabata Experiment has helped me, or if I’ve lost some of my mojo since I haven’t done any since mid-December.  I was definitely seeing improvement, and now that I’ve lost some serious weight on the Zone and have got the butterfly pullup down, it should be interesting.

My question to anybody that has any input is do you pace on “Barbara”? I always just try to go as fast as I can every round, and usually that means me coming really close to puking/passing out at the 4th round.


Admin note: the red means I didn’t weigh and measure. I’m not getting lazy, I just literally haven’t had time. I feel like I have a pretty good eye after almost 30 days straight with weighing and measuring. Plus, it’s hard to weigh and measure chili when you have a bunch of different meat (ground beef and liver in this batch) and some veggie in there.

A little over fat today too, but not feeling hungry, which is nice considering I was only at 17 P and 8 C.


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