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20090108 Meal


Rest day today, which is good because of the nosedive my diet took last night. Can just focus on diet today.

0830 Meal
3 Eggs – 3P/11F
4 slices bacon – 2P/6F
1/2 Cup Oatmeal – 2C
Totals: 5P/2C/17F

1130 Meal
4 oz Skirt Steak – 4P/4F
Salad – (not measured, approx…) 2C
Update: Apple – 2C (forgot about this)
9 almonds – 3F
Total: 4P/2C4C/7F

Notes: 9P/4C/24F total so far today, which is on track even though there was quite a bit of fat at 0830.

1530 Meal
4 oz Chuck Roast – 4P/9F
3 oz sweet potato – 2 C
3 almonds – 1 F
Total: 4P/2C/10F

1930 Meal
4 oz Pork Chop – 4P/7F
3 oz sweet potato – 2C
9 almonds – 3F
Total: 4P/2C/10F

Daily Total: 17P/8C10C/41F

Notes: Had to do some block juggling to even everything out for the day, but seems to have worked out right UPDATE: No it didn’t, forgot about that apple. Entered into, I get the following:

Caloric Breakdown

Calories: 1805 1899
Protein: 148 g (34% of calories) 149 g (33% of calories)
Carbs: 59 g (14.3 g Fiber not included, in total 16%) 79 g (19 g Fiber not included, in total 19% of calories)
Fat: 101 g (32 g Saturated Fat [yum], 45 g MUFA, 12 g PUFA – 48% of calories)

So would probably be in mild ketosis if it weren’t for last night’s binge. Interesting to see that I’m still conscious at this caloric level.


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  1. dude, I can’t imagine only taking in 1899 cals a day.

    Comment by Ryan P | January 11, 2009

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