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20090107 Meals/WOD


0845 Meal
(Not Measured)
5 Egg White Omelet* (with a little pico de gallo and cheese, not counting this) – 3P
4 slices Bacon – 2P/6F
1 Cup Pineapple – 2C
15 Almonds – 5 F
Total: 5P/2C/11F

Notes: First, the “Egg White Omelet” was a scam perpetrated by the bastards at my day job cafeteria. Long story short, I didn’t know these were egg white omelet’s before today, so I need to start bringing hard boiled eggs in. It does help in light of yesterday’s realization that eggs have a lot of fat in them though, so my ratios should be better (i.e., accurate) going forward.

1130 Meal
4 oz Chuck Roast- 4P/9F
3 oz Sweet Potato – 2 C
3 Almonds – 1 F
Total: 4P/2C/10F

1530 WOD
A modification of this WOD from OPT.
Round 1
40 pushups
9 Jerks, 115 lbs
Row 250m
3 min Rest
Round 2
35 pushups
12 Jerks, 115 lbs
Row 250m
3 min rest
Round 3
30 pushups
15 Jerks, 115 lbs
Row 250m
3 min rest
Round 4
25 pushups
18 Jerks, 115 lbs
Row 250m
3 min rest
Round 5
20 pushups
21 Jerks, 115 lbs* (first 6 reps @115, rest @ 95 lbs)
Row 250m
Round 1: 3:28
Round 2: 4:43
Round 3: 5:07
Round 4: 6:17
Round 5: 6:22

Notes: This sucked, in a really good way. I feel tired, might be the decrease in calories doing the Zone. The pushup/jerk combo was great b/c you couldn’t muscle it up. But I was toast on the jerk by the end, doing sets of two, so had to scale.

I think this will be a good one for PCF.

1630 Meal
4 oz Pork Chop – 4P/7F
3 oz Sweet Potato – 2C
9 Almonds – 3F
Total: 4P/2C/10F

We’re going to total things up right now, because tonight is going to be ugly.

Totals: 13P/6/31F
And now, we’re sending Brian to a bar….
Where he ate a lot of…


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