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Goddamn Eggs!

So apparently eggs have more fat than I thought, according to

1 large egg
7 g Protein = 1P
7 g Fat = (7-1.5)/1.5 = 3.67F

Which means, my overly anal retentive data for the last three days is messed up.

So future breakfasts where I’m shooting for 5P/3C/11F will require:

3 Eggs – 3P/11F
2 oz lean protein – 2 P
X Carbs – 3 C
No nuts
Total: 5P/3C/11F

So if I actually look at the nutritional data from my breakfast yesterday:

5 Eggs
2 Slices of Bacon
1 Cup Pineapple
42 Almonds
(excluding the veggies and cheese I had in the omelet…)
Totals: 6P/2C/43F

We live and learn…


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