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Bodyweight Exercises

So my girlfriend does not have much gear and doesn’t have a gym membership. So I just wanted to list all the possible body weight exercises that I could come up with so I could do a better job of doing the “constantly varied” thing instead of making her do the same thing all the time. So here we go:

Basic Bodyweight Exercises
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Star Jumps
Handstand Holds
Headstand Holds
Jumping Squats
Jumping Lunges

Advance Bodyweight Exercises
Handstand Pushup
Divebomber Pushup

Ab exercises
Hollow Rocks
Planche Hold
Side Planche Hold
Leg Levers
Flutter Kicks

Need some stuff, but can find around the house/neighborhood:
Box Jumps
Jumping Pullups

She has some gear: Rings, 17 lbs Kettlebell, 30 lbs Sandbag
Ring Jumping Pullups
Ring Jumping Dips
Ring Pushup Position Holds
KB Swing
KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
KB Turkish Getup
SB Clean & Jerk
SB Thruster
SB Front Squat
SB Back Squat
SB Turkish Getup

And here’s a thread that describes Eva T’s bodyweight workouts, some great stuff here:

All from

Some other places to look:

Have to put up this link as well, a very cheap home gym description and links in about 350 words:

That’s about all I can come up with now.


January 28, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. 20080128 GFWOD

    6 Rds
    30 Mountain Climbers
    10 Pushups
    10 Squats
    For Time

    Time: 16:00

    Comment by exqweezme | January 29, 2008

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