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Egyptian Bread Subsidies

This article in the NYT today, Egypt’s Problem and Its Challenge: Bread Corrupts, seems improtant for two reasons. First, on the face of it the idea of government control of _______ (fill in the blank) appears to be seriously flawed. People will manipulate the system (both within and without government) for their own benefit.

Second, I would love to see the diabetes and obesity statistics for Egypt since, according to the article: “Egypt started subsidizing staples like bread, sugar and tea around World War II, and has done so ever since.” If you look at my other blog,, you’ll see some info on Gary Taubes work on carbohydrate intake leading to obesity and diabetes.

Here’s a link to the International Diabetes Foundation’s “Diabetes Atlas”. I need to look through how their “prevalence estimates” work exactly, because unless its controlled clinical tests, I’m skeptical of the results.

More to follow…


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