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The Socionomics Foundation

Just wanted to drop this in here as my friend Mike S. sent me the link, and just browsing through it seems interesting. An excerpt from their home page:

Mission Statement for the Foundation
The Socionomics Foundation is dedicated to advancing socionomics, the science of social prediction pioneered by Robert R. Prechter, Jr. The Socionomics Foundation provides education and funds research exploring socionomic theory and how it can benefit individuals and institutions through the successful anticipation of social and cultural change.
What is Socionomics?
Socionomics is a new paradigm for the social sciences, derived inductively from years of research into collective human social behavior. Mechanistic theories of human behavior are failing to yield accurate predictions for future events and trends in fields like economics, sociology, and political science. In contrast to these theories, socionomic theory considers collective human behavior to be more like complex biological phenomena than like machine or computer behavior. Its key principles are that in human self-organized complex systems and in contexts of uncertainty, people’s shared unconscious impulses to herd lead to the emergence of social mood trends (trends in mass psychology). These social mood trends are patterned and therefore are predictable in the probabilistic sense.


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